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Explore the lair of a Dire Cave Bear, or venture underground in search of a troll horde! The Cave Map Tiles set of role-playing map tiles expands on the success of the original Dungeon Map Tiles with a new range of gritty underground cave tiles and new wilderness map tiles.

What is a Map Tile?

A map tile, in the context of this set, is a square of artwork depicting a specific 5ft by 5ft area of terrain. Such as the floor of a cave, an area of grass, or where the floor meets a wall. In order for a Game Master to build an adventure map for players to explore, map tiles are placed onto the digital canvas one by one until the desired terrain is constructed. Be that terrain a wilderness area, a Castle, Dungeon, or cave system.

Each map tile is a combination of hand-drawn artwork and photographic source material that gives us the unique style of all Studio WyldFurr Map tiles. All of the tiles have been rendered from a birds-eye view of the landscape, with shadowing used to give the illusion of depth.

Expands on the Dungeon Map Tiles

This set of map tiles was designed from the beginning to expand on the range of map tiles found in our Dungeon Map Tiles set. Now you don’t need the Dungeon Map Tiles set to use the Cave Map Tiles set, but we recommend getting both so your players can explore caves and dungeons!

We have included a range of interlinking tiles to link a cave system into a dungeon complex, plus the wilderness dirt tiles come with a range of tiles that link up with the wilderness grass tiles from the Dungeon Map Tiles set.

Map Tile Scale

The Studio WyldFurr range of digital role-playing tokens and map tiles all use a standard scale of 1 inch to 3 pixels, for a standard Dungeons and Dragons (3.5ed) character square of 180 pixels. Thus each map tile is a depiction of a 5ft square of terrain. But we have also included smaller 50-pixel square map tiles for those of us who use the smaller 50-pixel square size.

I want this!

A zip file containing JPG and PNG art assets for creating virtual tabletop adventure maps.

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